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Decades of experience across multiple project types and unique operating demands.

We provide world class solutions designed to meet every customer's environmental, savings, and resiliency goals.


Deliver uninterrupted patient care and reliable hospital operations

Many healthcare facilities are reevaluating their power strategies amid an unpredictable energy environment. AtSite Energy solutions provide healthcare facilities with the ability to maintain full operational capacity without being vulnerable to external power disruptions. Utilizing microgrids and other high-efficiency solutions we provide facilities with alternative solutions to manage their energy.


We combine the best systems with cutting-edge practices and technologies to deliver a holistic and sustainable approach for healthcare systems.

Critical Power/Data Centers

Manage energy capacity with on-site energy solutions

As data centers proliferate alongside electrification in other industries, the demand for electrical capacity will grow. The future of technological infrastructure will rely heavily on creative solutions that both provide the necessary power and do it sustainably. AtSite Energy provides innovative solutions for these critical energy needs.

AtSite Energy combines microgrid technological advancements with human expertise to ensure power capacity and availability matches demands in a responsible and resilient way.


Mitigate risks and enhance energy independence

For more and more organizations taking responsibility for their energy supply with a view to increasing reliability and cost-effectiveness has become a necessity. AtSite Energy provides a reliable source of energy that provides businesses capacity with and without the electrical grid, and enables them to be more independent during uncertain times. 

We provide expert teams and leadership to define project goals and take them from vision to completion.


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Driving the agriculture economy with energy resiliency solutions for the supply chain

AtSite Energy provides power solutions for the agriculture industry that cut costs, increase resiliency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our energy solutions can act as an alternate energy source when grid interruptions occur.

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Critical power
commercial office
Biogas/Renewable Energy

Utilizing waste methane gases and bioenergy to unlock financial benefits

AtSite Energy has decades of expertise in converting biogas to usable energy. Our team of experts will analyze available bioenergy options and prescribe the most reliable and innovative technology solution to help organizations capture value from multiple revenue streams.


AtSite Energy also supplies Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from a variety of sources and locations to provide immediate decarbonization and protection from soaring grid prices.

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